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Them Thigh Highs: An Outfit

 photo PIXIERNewyorkbeanieoutfit_zpsdaad0fb3.jpg

In my eternal effort to evade winter, I’ve been figuring out ways to both clothe myself for extreme warmth (read: I got shivers if it gets below 18 degrees) and also avoiding wearing jeans and hoodies every day (read: I ain’t about that life). With a pair of stockings and some cosy thigh high socks you can pretty much cheat winter and wear skirts and shorts all year round!

 photo ThighhighsocksandSidViciousPIXIERoutfit_zpsd1441f70.jpg

Beanie: River Island; Tee: DIY; Barbie necklace: PIXIEandPIXIER; Badges: c/o Butt’n Booty; Skirt: Temt; Socks: Primark; Boots: River Island

 photo MakingfacesPIXERoutfitGabiRose_zps278e15ce.jpg

 photo PinkdetailsoutfitPIXIERGabiRose_zpsf4cfefbc.jpg

 photo PinkalwaysPIXIEandPIXIER_zpsbece4d4a.jpg

Other winter/year-round essentials include: faux furs, black boots, all pink everythang.

Stay warm bitches,


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Drawing Girls

 photo LoveThySelfPIXIEandPIXIER_zps43f031b0.jpg

As I’ve been making making a more central part of my life, through consciously making time for getting it done, I thought I’d try something new. Drawing girls is not new to me. My sketchbooks are about 80% comprised of ladies. Drawing with photoshop, though, that’s all new!

Artists I freaking adore, like Mel Stringer, Danny Brito, and Melissa Chaib, all kill it with their digital work and it really inspired me to shake it up and give photoshop art a go. With all things new, I’m a little rusty and have a hella lot of learning to do but I’m pretty into the method. Digital drawing is super quick and adjustable and really satisfying.

So, here’s some stuff I’ve been doing!

 photo WorkingonillustrationsPIXIEandPIXIER_zpsf59d0c93.jpg

Starting off on paper makes the most sense to me because, a) I’m eternally analog, and b) I don’t have a drawing tablet.

 photo PhotoshopillustrationsPIXIEandPIXIER_zps979ad13d.jpg

Seeing the process of works is really exciting to me. Sometimes I think it’s more beautiful than the end result or maybe just that it adds extra layers (photoshop pun, y’all).

 photo FuckGirlPIXIEandPIXIER_zps4c82fcec.jpg

 photo CatFromOuterSpacePIXIEandPIXIER_zpsb3316896.jpg

Go make some stuff,


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 photo NICETHINGSPIXIEandpIXIER_zps1ee796ae.jpg

Just some things that have been nice lately.

Because #gratitude.



 photo GettinginspiredandmakingartPIXIER_zps6c8a85d3.jpg

Feeling good about what you’re doing is all about harmony. Harmony between what you want to be doing and what you’re actually doing. Where you want I go and where you’re currently travelling towards. Feeling out of sync with your goals, big picture plans, and creativity is so scarily easy because you can lose sight of your targets and progress without ever realising it. In fact, unless you really make an active effort to stay on track with your goals and inspirations it’s just about certain that you’ll drift off course.

I spoke a little bit about this when making my return to blogging the other day. Getting caught up in the hustle can be a big distraction from getting real stuff done. Don’t waste all your time working. It’s not all about the grind: focus on the magic of innovation. Devote time to exploring, play, and having fun for the sake of it. Make things that excite you regardless of the profit or click-throughs they might generate. Flip the switch on monotony.

 photo ArtistharmonyPIXIEandPIXIERcollage_zpsab7a30b2.jpg

Watching this talk by one of my new favourite inspiring people, Adam JK, at 4am the other night got me really excited about being alive and having the opportunity to make things. It reminded me that creativity has nothing to do with perfection but instead it’s just about making stuff and having fun. From this talk I started thinking about Austin Kleon and his rad books. They told me to share, post, and shamelessly promote. It’s a shady area but I’m ok with that. I’m thrilled with that if I have something I’m in love with that I genuinely want to promote.

But then I realised, I haven’t even been actually creating new things to promote. 

I’m so busy sharing and coming up with content to post that I’m not really working on making the stuff I really want to. Granted, I think it’s amazing to make purely blog base content – articles, posts, videos and anything that exists purely for your perusal. But for me, that’s not all I want to share. I want to contribute art and work I’ve felt compelled to make. I want to have fresh new content and products and stuff that is exciting for everyone. I don’t want to be passive.

Being creative and committing to creativity feels both extremely easy and extremely hard. Easy because you really only have to make something, anything. Hard because our brains have a way of complicating this and making it into something unattainable. To combat this I recommend Jerry Seinfeld’s writing technique: write every day, cross off the days on your calendar, and don’t break the chain. Simple.

Here’s to creativity…

In dressing

In documenting

In eating

In selling

In artistry

In writing

In having fun

In expression

In play

 photo HowtobecreativePIXIEandPIXIER_zpsa3a39af3.jpg

Start small

I was tempted to buy the biggest canvas in the store. But I got some packs of little canvas boards. Start small. Get it done. Go bigger. Go harder.

Find your harmony

To be in sync with what you want, you first need to find out what that is. Maybe you need to take a break, write lists, or try out a bunch of new things. There’s no pressure and there’s no end of the road. What we want and our goals will and should continually change. Continue to take moments to take note and you’ll be ok.

Make something…anything

Like, now.