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Note To Self: DRAW MORE

 photo Nothing is precious sketchbook PIXIE and PIXIER_zpsu55j5tkh.jpg

There’s a lot I can (& eventually will) say about drawing and sketchbooking. It’s an important ritual for me. I do it passively, with no regard for making something “good,” and with complete awareness and precision. Neither is more worthy but both are deeply cathartic.

Drawing is good for you.

 photo Fuck all yall PIXIE and PIXIER illustration_zps9jsvjnba.jpg photo Prismacolour realist drawing PIXIE and PIXIER_zpsekcshk2q.jpg photo Love drawing PIXIE and PIXIER_zpsg0dxrtal.jpg photo Pencil girl PIXIE and PIXIER_zpsvyzrcpve.jpg photo I miss you PIXIE and PIXIER illustration_zpsiifp01o1.jpg




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 photo Back on youtube back to blogging PIXIE and PIXIER_zpszih9cblp.png

Breaking the ice, again.

I missed this. I’ve been making stuff, doing stuff, and thinking about doing even more stuff. I’m back with no plan, outline, or particular goals. I think i like it better this way already.


Expect more.




Where The Eff Have You Been?

 photo GabiRosePixieandPIXIER_zps4d58e32a.jpg

It happened again, guys. I disappeared. This another “not another sorry for not blogging” posts. Ugh. What gives?

Where do I even begin?’

Life has been a mash-up of distractions. Good distractions, though. I’m an all-or-nothing kinda gal so I find it insanely difficult to find the balance between all the aspects I want to be incorporated into my life. This means blogging consistently, making videos, creating new and exciting stuff, running my shop like a boss, and all that life stuff, too.

 photo PIXIERworkingonart_zps08c7c087.jpg

 photo VeganburgeratByrons_zps2294e0d1.jpg

So, what have I been doing? Eating burgers (for a change…). Always with a side of onion rings. And all the ketchup.

 photo XmasinLDNTWN_zps9a93023e.jpg

Christmas happened. Can you freaking believe Christmas happened? Like a month ago and I’m still not over it.

 photo PIXIERetsyshoporders_zpsaff16c2f.jpg

Forever packing orders.

 photo Pixieandpixiersnapchat_zpse63bf696.jpg

I started Snapchatting. It’s mostly outfits and cats I meet on the street. Add me – pixieandpixier.

 photo LUSHbathsPIXIER_zps2009608c.jpg

Winter is hitting hard so I’ve been remedying that with plenty of bubble baths complete with The Office on Netflix instant loop.

 photo PIXIERwinternightsinlondon_zpsc87e4e04.jpg

This has been a Break The Silence post. Let’s continue to hang out. Let’s do cool stuff.




Them Thigh Highs: An Outfit

 photo PIXIERNewyorkbeanieoutfit_zpsdaad0fb3.jpg

In my eternal effort to evade winter, I’ve been figuring out ways to both clothe myself for extreme warmth (read: I got shivers if it gets below 18 degrees) and also avoiding wearing jeans and hoodies every day (read: I ain’t about that life). With a pair of stockings and some cosy thigh high socks you can pretty much cheat winter and wear skirts and shorts all year round!

 photo ThighhighsocksandSidViciousPIXIERoutfit_zpsd1441f70.jpg

Beanie: River Island; Tee: DIY; Barbie necklace: PIXIEandPIXIER; Badges: c/o Butt’n Booty; Skirt: Temt; Socks: Primark; Boots: River Island

 photo MakingfacesPIXERoutfitGabiRose_zps278e15ce.jpg

 photo PinkdetailsoutfitPIXIERGabiRose_zpsf4cfefbc.jpg

 photo PinkalwaysPIXIEandPIXIER_zpsbece4d4a.jpg

Other winter/year-round essentials include: faux furs, black boots, all pink everythang.

Stay warm bitches,


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