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Selfie master James Franco got it spot on when he said that “in our age of social networking, the selfie is the new way to look someone right in the eye and say, “Hello, this is me.””  The humble selfie has become a complex and  multi-faceted phenomenon. It’s now a totally common part of daily life and it seems I can hardly leave the house these days without witnessing a selfie in action or taking one (or ten) myself.

We take selfies for ourselves, for others, or to blast out on social media. Our selfies can be to capture a moment, an outfit, to immortalise a good face day, or simply just because the selfie seems to just be a thing humans do now. There’s always some kind of photographic device is close range, it would be rude not to whip out a quick selfie, right?

Although you can easily cast selfies aside as being a self-involved and conceited side effect of this generation, I see them as a little bit more than that.

It’s long been a universal and innate need to document and share our personal lives. Self-portraits have been around since the beginning of time and I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t love talking about themselves. Take a selfie and you can capture a snippet of your life, of yourself, in a way that you personally dictate.

Social media provides everyone with a platform to broadcast a certain curated image of themselves to their own audience. With just a smart phone and some internet access you can create your own digital gallery. Your own Museum of You. With just a simple selfie we can broadcast to the world (or at least our world) a very specific light of ourselves, even if it’s not completely intended. 

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Whether you’re selfie-ing a life milestone or just want everyone to see how good your butt looks today, it’s an exercise in self-expression and reflection as valid and layered as the Mona Lisa. I wholeheartedly know and believe that everyone is an artist. We are our own greatest subjects – you will never have as much knowledge and insight about anyone other than yourself. Those who identify as artist and commit themselves to creating fill all their work with references to the self, just by default. Now, using the selfie, so many people are taking and owning their own creative freedom. It’s all kinds of exciting.

From the raw point-and-post tactics to elaborate editing techniques, there are a million ways to do a selfie. All are equally valid. All are worth sharing. The world can never have enough body positivity, personal happiness, creativity, documentation, self-expression, or pure unadulterated fun

So, post a selfie today because we all know you look good and you have shit to share.




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All my vegan and compassionate-living bitches out there know that it can be a tough gig to find cruelty-free cosmetics that a) are somewhat affordable, and b) aren’t what I can only describe as… “hempy.” Imagine my unadulterated delight when I wandered into Superdrug the other week to an array of sales and items branded with the cruelty-free BUAV stamp of approval. So giddy. So much glee! So much shopping overdosing!!!

Here my sweet ladies and gentlemen, is what I picked up:

 photo SuperdrugUKhighstreetcrueltyfreehairdyePIXIER_zpsc62eda81.jpg

Originally I was only on the prowl for a hair dye. Cue Colour Vibrance in Mango Copper Burst. Yep, it turned out a bit more auburn than copper but I like it anyway. My sis went for the Smart Beauty blonde dye. Both are cruelty-free. Please join me in the delight of finding cheap cruelty-free hair dye!

 photo SupedrugcrueltyfreeteatreeproductsPIXIER_zps4957a229.jpg

Yes to tea tree oil, always. I stocked up on a Witch blemish stick, which might just be the best blemish buster about, and got this Tea tree bb cream to road test (so far I kinda dig it).

 photo SuperdrugtoothpasteandmouthwashcrueltyfreePIXIER_zps6cac868b.jpg

As a bit of a dental hygiene enthusiast (so not kidding), I’m pretty pleased to have found a vegan toothpaste and mouthwash. These can be tricky to come by in the usual stores and when you do get them they tend to leave a somewhat grassy flavour. These are spot on! Yay for teeth!

I also grabbed some Orange and satsuma and Strawberry and raspberry shower gel (smells sooooo good), the Green apple and tea tree shampoo and Raspberry and macadamia nut conditioner, as well as a handy nail polish remover and some SPF30 Suncare lotion in hope for some sun-soaked trips in the future.

Ok, so I may have gone overboard but when you see cosmetics that haven’t been tested on animals at low prices (with extra reductions) just go for it. Promise me you won’t hold back, yeah?






Summer Isn’t Over Until I Say It Is: An Outfit

 photo FlowercrownandcatdressPIXIERcopy_zps1dc3e53e.jpg

Summer is wearing as little as possible. Summer is donning flowers in your hair. Summer is walking around bare foot. Summer is skipping makeup entirely. Summer is not over until I say it is.

Surely I’ll start getting excited about autumn with it’s layering possibilities and the breath-taking stationery options (despite no longer being a student I will forever be excited about Back To School Life) but for now let’s ‘preciate the last of summer.

 photo CatdressPIXIEandPIXIER_zps8595de18.jpg

 photo SelfiewithflowercrownPIXIER_zpsfb972f8f.jpg

 photo PIXIEandPIXIERcatdressoutfit_zps48562fba.jpg

Dress: H&M; Flower Crown: Crown and Glory*

 photo FloralheadbandPIXIEandPIXIER_zpsedb6269e.jpg

 photo Summerisntover_zpsa3292520.jpg

Ok, let’s get ready for fall, right?



End Of Summer Sale: 40% Off Everything!

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Summer’s winding down which means only one thing – fall is on the rise! If you’re as hyped about your new season wardrobe and point of dressing as I am (stay tuned…) then you’ll be on the look out for some new trinkets to switch up your ‘drobe. Cue shop sale!

From today through to midnight Friday you can get 40% off every order over £10 with the code ENDOFSUMMER – so go crazy!

Whether you’re after a feminist brooch, an emotion-fueled necklace, a gift for you and your BFF, some On The Run fit earrings, a bit of Kim K action, or a nod to Notorious B.I.G., the PIXIE and PIXIER shop has you covered.


Sale ends Friday so get to it!