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Whether you like it or not you’ll probably notice that most people have a go to uniform when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. There’ll be a certain silhouette or colours that you go for time and time again just by impulse. For those of you who, like me, grew up in a world of torturous school uniforms this is kind of the antithesis of what you want dressing to be, right? You’d think those years of rocking a navy blue pleated skirt with a green, blue, and yellow (don’t even) blazer would make you steer clear of anything that could ever be considered as consistent dressing. But eff it man, I’m lazy.

Having a Basic Guide To Clothing Yourself is what every lass who frequently stays up late watching Netflix (or this gem of hilarity), presses snooze 5 too many times, or gets lost in internet loops when you should be “making your presentable” needs. Throw on anything that fits your guidelines of That Will Do and you’re good to go!

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I’m all about the skirt and crop top combo. Preferably in pink, white, and black.

 photo OrangehairandpinkskirtoutfitPIXIER_zps95d21165.jpg

A good pair of black boots make the process much smoother (and gives you an extra badass vibe).


Top: Forever 21 (similar); Barbie limbs necklace: PIXIEandPIXIER; Skirt: H&M (similar); Boots: New Look

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 photo Forever21croptopandHampMpinkskirtPIXIER_zps771024f5.jpg

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What’s your unofficial uniform?



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Stop pinning. Stop tweeting. Don’t post it to Instagram.

Stop making lists.
Don’t plan anything.
You don’t need an outline.
Stop prepping.
Don’t gather anymore inspiration.
Put the books down.
Don’t Google anything else.
Who cares what materials they used / how old they were / how they did it?
Don’t clean your workspace.
Stop waiting.
Ignore the busy work.

What do you really want to be doing right now? What’s your core work? What do you want to make that will be remembered, that’s of substance, and makes you feel good in the process and the product?

Do that. Right now. And nothing else.

Just get it done.





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We all scroll through social media feeds multiple times a day, welcoming in all sorts of influence and information into our worlds.

Who you choose to follow on Instagram can have a massive effect on your daily life. Your Twitter feed, the videos you watch, and posts you feed on Facebook, all contribute your thoughts and feelings. Let’s face it: social media is here to stay. It’s becoming an increasingly large part of our daily lives and I think it’s about time we consider how who we follow impacts our lives.

Researchers have already found that moods can spread virally through social media. What we intake and share affects our own thoughts and feelings and those of our followers and friends. It’s kinda serious stuff. Though there are always twinkles of inspirational quotes, what about those “Bored.com” statuses or people we follow who remind us of a past-life or make us feel more than a little bit sucky? My thoughts are to unfollow and quick sharp.

With social media, the human condition of constant comparison goes on overdrive. We forget that what we see online is a hodgepodge of so many peoples’ highlight reels that we compare to the stark reality of our own lives. Just as what we share online isn’t the whole picture, and truly it shouldn’t be, the same goes for everyone else. When you’re in your sweatpants with a tub of vegan ice cream on a Friday night, it can be hard to shake the sucky feeling when everyone else seems to be poppin’ bottles.

Feeling good about your online life means that you need to take what you open yourself up to seriously. How do you want to feel? Consider who you follow and what impact their shares have on you – do they make you feel inspired, or do they make you feel bad about yourself? Are you keeping up to date or just wasting time?

Let’s clear up your social media world! Here are 6 ways for you to curate your online profiles to make you more productive and even happier.

Cleanse. Go through all your profiles and unfollow! Anyone who doesn’t inspire you, those who make you feel like less, and those you don’t really care about, tbh – unfollow!

Inspire. Whatever you’re working, social media can be used as a resource for inspiration. Of course, Pinterest is a spot-on place to store and categorise your ideas, but what about the rest. Whenever I want to make more art, I follow a bunch of illustrators and creatives who share their work on Instagram.

Streamline. Let’s be real: we spend so much time checking and re-checking all our accounts that it detracts from our real work. If you’re not a big fan of Facebook stop putting so much time and effort into it. Don’t post anything just for the sake of it. Become more focused with what you post, who you follow, and what your goals are.

Feel. How do you want to feel? Consider who you follow and what impact their shares have on you – do they make you feel inspired, or do they make you feel bad about yourself?

Contribute. Make sure what you share is of value to others. Don’t merely add to the swamp of non-sense that is out there. Contribute stuff of substance and lend to making others’ consumption of social media positive and inspiring.


So fill the world wide web with loveliness. Unfollow that which doesn’t make you either happy or inspired quick sharp and think before you post!

Happy interneting,



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Sometimes really awesome pieces of clothing stay in my online carts for months, I track them down searching for a sale, or go try them on contemplating the purchase. Other times your roommate will just hand you a pink bag saying “I found this and it basically sums you up.” Oh, this Barbie pop art mini skirt? Yeah, pretty sure that sums me up perfectly! Needless to say my roomie is a keeper.

 photo PinkandOrangeAllOverOutfitPIXIEandPIXIER_zps3ec17071.jpg

Because I’m a chronic hair dyer, I plonked some orange on my tresses a few weeks ago because yolo (Is yolo still relevant? Was it ever relevant? Soz Drake, I still love you).

 photo BarbieskirtpinkkimonobustiercropandcatbeanieoutfitPIXIER_zps1bf70d67.jpg

One thing I love about being a ginger is how it perfectly clashes with pink, which just so happens to dictate the majority of my wardrobe.

 photo RedlipsandorangehairPIXIER_zps31cce2ff.jpg

 photo PIXIEandPIXIERpinkoutfitBarbieyall_zpsb70da311.jpg

Beanie: PIXIEandPIXIER; Skirt: thanks Liv!; Kimono: eBay; Internet brooch: PIXIEandPIXIER; Crop top: H&M; Shoes: Converse

 photo SelfiewithtasselbuntingPIXIER_zpsfe31f3cd.jpg

Pink & Orange forever,