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Vintage Florals & Vegan Hearts: An Outfit

 photo PIXIEandPIXIER80sdressandMoschinobeltoutfit_zps9b110bfe.jpg

If you ever need a pick-me-up I whole-heartedly recommend donning a beyond fabulous floral dress. There’s just no way you can feel anything less than thrilled to be alive when you’re swirling in a bold vintage frock! It’s basically, science.

I found this divine little number on a trek around some of my favourite thrifting joints and was immediately flooded with visions of rendezvous’ in the seventies’ summers. Maybe some of those stories live in this dress. I often wonder about all the adventures vintage clothes have been on and where they spent their previous lives.
 photo VintageMoschinobeltand80sdressPIXIER_zpsa5a241da.jpg

Anything and everything is immediately better when cinched at the waist with my most treasured vintage piece, this Moschino belt. I remember when my Mum got it from a car boot when I was a kid. I am so glad we kept it.

 photo SocksandheelsandflowydressoutfitPIXIER_zpsf46749b2.jpg
 photo VeganheartbroochbySofiaRebekahPIXIER_zps9b281682.jpg

How cute is the Vegan brooch?! It’s still quite sweet and dainty while also packing a political punch and adding extra hippie vibes – just how I like it!

 photo RainbowfloraldressPIXIER_zpsbea9a9ff.jpg

Dress: vintage; Belt: Vintage (similar); Brooch: SofiaRebekah; Shoes: Forever New; Socks: who know!? (similar)

Put on something that makes you smile and twirl around in it – just because.




A Bit of an Update: A Video

Oh, the times they are a-changing! Can you believe I am moving across the world tomorrow? Because I can’t! I just keep looking around saying “this is so weird” because I can’t think of any other way to possible explain it.

There’s so much magic and good stuff on the horizon. I can’t wait to begin!




 photo Nicethings_zps749817bd.jpg


Who would have thought that getting rid of all your worldly possessions could actually make you feel better?! I’m more than a little surprised with myself. In case you didn’t know, I’m a die-hard maximalist but with a secret longing for a ever-so-slightly minimalist life. Now my things have somehow diminished to two suitcases worth and it feels good. 

Yep, this week has been Major Condensation & Organisation Week and, though extremely stressful, I feel a lot better on the other side. Maybe I’ll keep up this simpler life but then, can I really stop my magpie ways? While packing and planning I’ve been falling beyond head over heels with The Mindy Project. Seriously, what the hell was life before the last few episodes. Mindy is a goddess.

Seeing as it’s my last few days here, I’ve been paying close attention to all the tiny details that make up a place and your life within it. From street signs, to the type of flooring in your usual supermarket, and the special way the sun streams through the window every morning and the hum of rustling palm trees at night. No matter where you are or where you’re going, there is beauty everywhere.

Notice the nice things.




The Good Stuff: Take A Minute

 photo LivinginAustraliaPIXIER_zpsd55ccafa.jpg

Oh man, how time flies! Somehow, over the past few weeks, I’ve stripped myself of the majority of my worldly possessions. My wardrobe is bare. All the pictures, photos, and posters from my walls have been taken down, and against one wall are three suitcases filled to the brim. Needless to say, we have a lot to discuss about this but all in due time!

Frequent breaks are good for the soul and in between sorting through my souvenir pen collection and mounds of clothes, I’ve been doing a bit of light reading. Here’s some of the good stuff just for you!

 Have you seen Gala’s re-vamped blog? It is so beautiful!

 DIY instagram stickers – I could coat everything in these!

 Hermione’s gorgeous pictures of the markets and trinket-filled shops down Portobello Rd are making me beyond excited to be in London very soon.

 The ultimate cheat sheet for dealing with excuses

 Can you believe no one went all Clueless and shouted “as if!” to Paul Rudd!

 Lorde and Joan Jett covered Nirvana and it was kinda wonderful.

 Two habits for budding entrepreneurs - obvious but important.

♡ Unfortunately, Seaworld will be keeping their awful Orca shows – prevent the cruelty by boycotting all zoos and aquariums. They can’t stay in business if they don’t have customers!

 Guys, I’m obsessed with The Mindy Project and this blog chronicles the outfits from the show. Genius!

 Rob Lowe talks about the problems with being pretty.

 Instagram is obviously a big deal and it’s proving to be so for big fashion brands, too.


Enjoy my pretties!



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