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Go Nuts For Donuts: An Outfit

 photo DressingforNetflixdaysPIXIER_zps5ffd7622.jpg


Accessorising with socks is one of my favourite satorical tricks, of sorts. I feel like socks are massively under-appreciated and I take it as a personal mission to bring light to the possibilities of the cosy footwear. I’m looking forward to rocking thigh highs this winter and expect to see some boldly printed numbers peeping out of my boots on the daily.

I picked this donut printed pair in the men’s section at Primark because brilliance knows no boundaries. They came in a 5 pack with other food-themed socks and my excitement levels hit an all time high.

 photo DonutsocksbeanieandpinkfurPIXIER_zps76d05651.jpg


Beanie: Ebay; Top: DIY; Skirt: Ebay; Fur stole: Select; Socks: Primark

Donut appreciation

As a vegan I don’t get many opportunities to indulge in donuts but thankfully there are a fair few ways to incorporate the circular sweet treat into your get up.
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So, super important question: what socks are you wearing today?



How To Winter: An Outfit

 photo Dressingcolourfullyinwinter_zps355b2e4b.jpg

It’s happening. Here in London it’s officially coat weather time. I’ve been layering like a boss but, man, it’s getting frosty! I grabbed this slouchy blazer style coat in Primark the other day and I’m every bit smitten. The print clashing addict in me is excited to style this number. Winter coats are usually block colours, typically black, but that’s no fun! It’s cosy, long (yay extra warmth), a little bit Heathers, and looks beyond rad with this pink stole I nabbed too!

All signs are pointing to a happy winter together for this coat and I! Oh, and at $30 it was total steal compared to the many non-vegan friendly, hefty price tagged ones out there.

 photo PinkfurstolebarbieshoenecklacePIXIEandPIXIER_zps7827640e.jpg


Yeah, every outfit needs to be completed with a Barbie shoe necklace, ammirite?!

 photo NewcoatPIXIEandPIXIERhandwriting_zpsaea826f4.jpg

 photo ColourfulwinterdressingPIXIEandPIXIERGabriellaMurray_zps7e450692.jpg

 photo YellowcropsweaterandjeansPIXIER_zpsf06c3d4f.jpg

 photo PIXIERpinkandyellowbarbieshoeswintercoatoutfit_zps8c27c97c.jpg

Damn, is anyone else excited to bust out beanies and scarfs. I know I’ll be sobbing with frostbite into them but jeeze, everyone looks so cute in beanies!




That Barbie Life: An Outfit

 photo PIXIEandPIXIERdenimbarbieoutfit_zps01d25023.jpg

As a long-time Barbie obsessive, I’m a big fan of injecting the odd explicit reference to my main gal in outfits. Heck, I’m known for making jewellery with her limbs, shoes, and facial features! There’s just something about that gal. Who knows if I’m even being ironic anymore.

 photo BlackandwhiteGabiPIXIER_zpsbb1e1456.jpg

I picked this denim shirt up at the East End thrift store the other Saturday and since then it’s become a solid part of my identity. Anything that adds a touch of grunge to an outfit, or has the ability to down play a bold Barbie printed body con dress is a must-have.

 photo PIXIERselfie_zps8aa6c126.jpg
 photo DenimandbarbieoutfitPIXIERandPIXIER_zpsf2807a4a.jpg

Shirt: thrifted: Dress: ebay; Shoe necklace: PIXIEandPIXIER; Shoes: New Look

 photo GabriellaMurrayblackandwhitedenim_zps74d6b935.jpg

Ahh we never really grow up, right? Remember those weird plastic Barbie shoes you’d play in when you were a kid and it was still acceptable? Well this is the Grown Up Serious Adult version.



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Black & White In A Colourful World: An Outfit

 photo PIXIERstripedressblackandwhite_zpsdf834241.jpg

Look, I just don’t do monochrome. Sure, I’ll go black and white but you’d better make sure I’m surrounded by colour! That’s what is so freaking great about all the alleyways around East London – they’re like pockets of colour.

This is my sister’s dress (again). I can do black and white, I swear. I just have to make everything else super colourful to balance it out.

 photo GabriellaMurraymonochromeoutfitPIXIER_zps23f1e2b4.jpg

Oh, and I’m always partial to a good pink lip! It’s a great way to add colour to your get up in a really simple and not too garish way. But then again, I like garish.

 photo StripesoutfitPIXIER_zps3a3024e2.jpg
 photo BlackandwhiteoutfitPIXIE_zps1f3be6a4.jpg

Dress: Primark; Boots: New Look

 photo SkullgraffitioutfitPIXIER_zpsdaa3e4e6.jpg


Ahh, let’s just appreciate London for a minute shall we? It’s getting chilly but it’s still the biggest babe. There are still a billion things to do, see, and eat. Life is good.


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