25 B4 25: An Adventure in Making Art & Blatantly Ignoring Deadlines

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A few weeks ago I set myself a big, scary, and exciting goal: I will start, and finish, 25 pieces of art all before I turn 25.

There was a little less than a month. It was bold but I could do it. I bought a bunch of new brushes and canvases, and stocked up on my favourite tubes of acrylic.

I’ve been painting, steadily and definitely more, but now there are 10 days until I turn 25 and I’ve only finished one piece.

I should be shitting bricks. I should be staying up all night painting but I’m not, yet. Steady feels good. I’m making more time and I’m getting there.

Over the next fews day I plan to knuckle down and finish these stacks of canvases and make shapes on a whole lot of other stuff that is just a distant idea at the minute.

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Recent Reads: Lifestyle Creation & Laughing On The Tube

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One thing I always promise myself is to read more. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Over lunch I grab my library card, skip through the park, past stores lined with scarily expensive shoes and sushi that is beautiful but kinda makes me gag. In the aisles of a tiny city library, in a building where people get married and they do weekly reading and writing clubs, I trace my fingers down the spines and feel the words within humming with the desire to be read.

Reading is magic. It takes you on adventures, it lets you feel, and it teaches you in endless and inspiring ways. Life feels better when I have a couple of books waiting for me to just spend a minute with them. Here’s what I’ve been spending some time with lately.

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore

The Short: Troubled child star finds her happy

The Long: Total goddess, Drew, talks us through some stories of her life, shedding some light on her past and present but mostly showing you that you can be whatever you want to be. Wildflower is basically a look into lifestyle creation in it’s finest way. Drew built her own family, her own way of living, and her own happiness. If you’re in need of a massive dose of lovely, and are partial to a bit of Drew appreciation, get your nose stuck in. It’s defo one of my new favies.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

The Short: But why didn’t they text me back, tho?

The Long: Aziz goes in with this. It’s definitely not just another Comedian Humor Lifestyle Stuff book (although that happens to be my all-time favourite genre), Modern Romance is a full-on in-depth analysis of the current climate for relationships. It’s all kinds of hilarious but also very smart and it’s two cover designs rocked my world.

Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein

The Short: 90s band girl figuring it out

The Long: Carrie is my unbeknownst BFF for a few reasons (mostly this) so it was great to read a really nice memoir that didn’t make me cringe. It’s pretty heavy on the concept of self-creation and reinvention which always resonates hard.

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

The Short: Social media and internships and secret name-dropping

The Long: I ended up flipping through most pages and skimming to the bits that seemed more relevant. To be honest, it’s not that relevant for me but I appreciate Aliza’s straight-talking prose.

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

The Short: Perfect book for laughing in public places

The Long: Literally cannot count the number of times I laughed (audibly) on public transport reading this. I think that means that Mindy wants to be my best friend and, ok, I’ll accept, I’ll do it, Minds. For rizzle though, Mindy is an angel and I hope she continues to fill screens and books with intelligent, hilarz, kind, and mean creations for always and all eternity.

Radical Self Love by Gala Darling

The Short: Just be fucking nice to yourself.

The Long: This babe gets me. I’ve long been gobbling up everything Gala writes and after feeling royally shitty for a few weeks I picked this bad boy up again, took a bubble bath and read some highlighted passages out loud. It’s a quick, easy to digest, and can be a pretty instantanious cure.


If there are any reads you’ve been digging that you’d totally dig to see if I dug, then holla at your girl.

Happy reading!



 photo How to be a badass bitch_zps16tgsdyj.jpg

All of this is a “Note To Self.”

I forget it to easily. I get busy with the nothing and then frustrated with myself that I’m not doing the work. This is a note to self to stop fucking about, to be a badass bitch, and start making it all happen.

Read it. Print it out and paste it up on your walls. Recite it in the mornings as a mantra and affirmation. Say it until you believe you and do it until it’s the fact of life.

Go get ’em, girl.




Super Into It No. 1

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We live in a consumer culture. We take in so much more than me we ever give. Snack foods & inspiration, alike. I’m way into Pinterest. I’m all about gathering ideas and pinning recipes I’ll probs never think about trying to make but enjoying the thrill of it all anyway. I like liking things.

Here are some things I’m super into right now:

RAD INTERIORS: Always about that maximalist lifestyle.
TARANTINO: QT is my bae. I know whole-heartedly that we’d be instant BFFs and just talk about font and burgers and his obsession with feet. I saw The Hateful Eight and it was magical but, like, we all knew it was gonna be, right?
PINK LADIES: The ‘tude.
JOY: J-Law slayed. I need some aviators and a new mop. If you’re a lady and/or interested in entreprenurship or being a general badass then I recommend.
PINK & GREY: Weirdly liking soft pink and grey. Weird because I thought I was about the hot pink lyfe, but we’re all full of surprises.
BADASS SNEAKS: Again, what have I become? Wearing trainers not for sport once seemed sacrilige to me but trekking around London and seeing the sick colour combos got me second guessing.
KIM K: Wifey for Lifey.
SCREAM QUEENS: I can’t even begin to explain what the costume design for this show does for me. The pastels, the (faux, plz) fur. I squeal through every episode.
NEON HAIR: I promised myself that I’m going bleach-free for 2k16 but a head of fluro hair would just about make my life.
BED PEACE: It’s winter and all I want to be is cosy. I’m in full home bunny mode and love nights in with bubble baths, nail painting, movie watching, sketchbook filling, and so on and so forth. Also, Sundays in bed with my favourite are just about the best thing to happen every week.
HANDWRITTEN FONTS: Eternally a fave. Seeing people’s handwriting is always super interesting to me and two of my favourite things are DIY and fonts. Smash ’em together and I’m deeply involved. The “and I love you” piece above is by James Victore who I’m also super into right now.
PAINTING: I’ve been on a painting streak that I don’t ever want to end. To be honest I’ve never really done the whole canvas thing before, usually opting for pencils and watercolours and really lovely paper, but I’m loving the versatilty of acrylics and just playing about.
EMILY A FAULSTICH & DOING THE WORK: Super into the gal that made this print. Her instagram makes my heart happy. The message of this has also been ringing in my mind lately.
OTHERS: Having a new 2016 planner and going highligher crazy. Casey Neistat. Making stuff and making stuff happen. Playing guitar and singing in silly voices (and ocassionally practicing my own). Faux fur collars. Creed. Painting miss-matched nails.
For updates on what I’m into in real time (which I know you clearly want, don’t lie, it’s ok, I get it) head over to my Pinterest and Instagram.
Thx bae,